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Vacation Rentals in Blue Bay, Curacao

At Florint Vacations we offer a range of beautiful vacation rentals in Blue Bay, Curacao. 

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At Florint, we're passionate about making it easy to rent a vacation home on the Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort. Our beautiful, perfectly positioned, and well-appointed vacation rentals offer something for everyone, so you're sure to find the perfect choice for you, whatever your unique needs. Comparing, choosing, and booking couldn't be easier - all thanks to our photo galleries, visitor reviews, and secure online-reservation system.
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Why Stay at Blue Bay?

Blue Bay Beach is one of Curacao's premier beaches, and lies on the south-west side of the island, well sheltered from the harsher Atlantic waters that it the north-east coast. You're sure to feel at home while on vacation at the Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort, which has the features, events, and amenities to cater for all tastes. 
Some of Curacao's best restaurants are found nearby, notably the Sunset Bar and Grill, while the Blue BayGolf Course offers 18 holes in some of the most scenic surroundings in the Caribbean. Curacao's capital,Willemstad, is just down the road, with its eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and cafés, and a lively range ofevening entertainment. 

Why Choose Curacao?

Curacao is among the most picturesque of the Caribbean islands, and is famous for its azure seas, dotted with nearby reefs. Divers flock to Curacao to experience close encounters with the abundant marine life that  inhabits these magical waters, while sun worshipers come for the pleasure of stretching out on a white-sand beach, enjoying some of the world's most beautiful scenes.
As a tropical island, Curacao enjoys year-round high temperatures, ranging from the mid-twenties to the low thirties at any time of the year. Lying in the far south of the Caribbean, Curacao is outside of the hurricane belt - a definite plus, especially for anyone interested in visiting the area in late summer of fall. Not only are strong winds less common, but the intense rainfall that often affects the Caribbean at these times is far less extreme in Curacao than the many islands farther north.
Some of Curacao's main attractions include the Curacao Sea Aquarium - just south of Willemstad, Playa Piskado -where swimming with turtles can virtually be guaranteed, and Klein Curacao - and uninhabited island visited byregular boat trips.

Explore Willemstad - The Capital of Curacao

Blue Bay Beach lies just to the north west of Willemstad, Curacao's historic capital. Willemstad was developed from 1634 onward, and its many beautiful pastel-colored buildings are a testament to the island's Dutch colonial past. In fact, the city is so famous for its beauty and historical importance, that it's officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today it is a natural draw for tourists to the island, and the nearby beaches (such as Mambo Beach) are among the most popular in Curacao. 
Other Curacao settlements worth visiting include Jan Thiel - just south of Willemstad, Sint Michiel - a small fishing village 6 miles north west of the capital , and Sint Willibrordus - on the north-west coast, close to the stunning beach of Playa Porto Marie. 

Traveling to Curacao

Flying to Curacao is simple. Regular flights are available from US, European, and worldwide airports, and planes land directly on the island, at Curacao International Airport. Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort is less then 6 miles from the airport, and can typically be reached in around 15 minutes.
Once on the island travel is fairly simple. Curacao is long and slender in shape, but Blue Bay is almost central, meaning that the most destination can be reached by car within an hour. 

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