The 10 Best Restaurants in Curacao

Curacao is home to a number of fine restaurants, offering all kinds of cuisine. Whether your taste buds tingle for an authentic taste of the Caribbean, or you’re looking to sample foods from Thailand, India, Italy, or Spain, you’re certain to find something to satisfy your cravings!

To help you decide between the many options available, we’ve put together this guide to the 10 best restaurants in Curacao.


Ginger offers diners a fusion of Caribbean and Asian dishes, and has a superb reputation for friendly service and first-class food. Located in Nieuwestraat, in the historic Pietermaai District of Willemstad, Ginger is easily accessed by anyone staying in Curacao’s capital, or the nearby Blue Bay Resort.

Gouverneur de Rouville

Gouverneur de Rouville is a large and imposing restaurant in De Rouvilleweg, Willemstad, that serves up a range of classic Caribbean dishes, along with international cuisine. Much of what’s offered has a definite Caribbean twist, and a meal at this highly regarded restaurant is a must for anyone staying nearby.

De [email protected]

If you prefer to drink or dine in relaxed, casual surroundings and to enyou the sea then this easy-going bar-restaurant in Pietermaai, Willemstad, could be the ideal hangout. De [email protected] has breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Azzuro Restaurant

As you might guess from the distinctly Italian sounding name, the Azzuro Restaurant specializes in dishes with a Mediterranean twist. Located right beside the sea, at Blue Bay Beach, Azzuro Restaurant is easily among the 10 best restaurants in Curacao, and serves food and drink from breakfast through to the evening… Simply the perfect place to dine if European foods like croissants, pizza, and pasta whet your appetite.

Boathouse Food and Marina

The Boathouse is located right on the waterfront near Willemstad, at Brakkeput Ariba z/n. This restaurant offers a great range of choices for evening dining, with gluten-free menus available. The food is popular, but the biggest draw of the Boathouse is the view. Don’t miss the option to eat out on the attractive sun deck, while watching the boats and yachts enter or leave the marina below!


Hungry for a taste of the orient? The Royal Thai Restaurant, in Mercuriusstraat, Willemstad, serves both lunch and dinner, with curry and seafood both being specialties. (If you like your dishes on the hot side then you’ll feel right at home here!) Bottled Singha beer (an authentic Thai brand) is also available to help you cool off! On an other note, they serve also an Indonesian kitchen. They offer an awesome "Rijsttafel".

Cantina del Patron

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were holidaying in Spain, since the Cantina del Patron, in Nieuwestraat, Willemstad, offers a delicious taste of Iberian cuisine! Lovers of tapas will appreciate the variety of authentic options on offer – with Spanish meatballs, sardines, peppers, hams, anchovies, wines, and beers all part of the menu.

Sunset Bar and Grill

This bar-cum-restaurant is named after the beautiful sunsets that diners can enjoy while eating here. Located at the eastern edge of the Blue Bay Beach, you can look out across the bay to the west, and watch the setting sun disappear over the horizon. The restaurant leads directly onto the beach, with tables available right on the sand itself. Dining here with your feet in the sand as the sun sets across the bay is an experience not to be missed!

Bollywood Lounge

Just a stone’s throw from the Mambo Beach, on Beach Boulevard, Bapor Kibra, is the Bollywood Lounge – a restaurant that offers the perfect place to dine after enjoying the Curacao Sea Aquarium, or the beach itself. As you’d expect from the name, the cuisine here is Indian, with a range of curries and delicious nibbles like naan bread on offer.

An Alternative… Try the Local Truki Pan!

No list of the 10 best restaurants in Curacao would be complete without mentioning the truki pan! The name ‘truki pan’ is short for ‘truk di pan’ - which translates as ‘bread truck’. These small food trucks offer plenty more than just bread though! The truki pan are at the heart of the Curacao street food experience, and offer an authentic taste of the island’s cuisine that’s genuine, unpretentious, and perfect for diners in a hurry – or anyone on a tight budget.