Disney 4 Theme Parks, 4 Restaurants

Walt Disney World isn’t called the happiest place on earth just because of the amazing rides and attractions. There is so much to do in the parks that it would take weeks or more to see it all! Located in Sunny Orlando Florida, there are 4 major theme parks at Disney World that are covered with the rides and attractions but also the amazing cuisine! So not only is the entertainment something to see, the food and drinks are what you need to experience when going. With the major theme parks that make up Walt Disney World called Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios there are enough places to go for some amazing food and enjoy the entertainment while you dine! The restaurants in the theme parks boast an array of themes from a Disney movie set to the setting of a foreign land like Morocco Russia or Korea.  Or you can have a seat next to a large indoor aquarium with over 4,000 sea animals or indulge in a meal at an African themed restaurant and enjoy the delicacies of the jungle! And don’t worry, if you are a picky eater or you have a certain diet you must follow, Disney World has it for you! They are very accommodating to guests that have possible gluten free allergies, or clean eating diets that a lot of people are on! So when you’re visiting Florint Vacations on your annual Disney trip, take a step out of your private kitchen area and let someone else cook! While it’s nice and cost effective to eat at your home and cook your own food, going out to splurge and eat in a place you have never been before is a must for your vacation. Here is our choices for amazing cuisine and entertainment in the each of the 4 major theme parks in Disney World.
Be my Guest Restaurant
Located in Fantasyland that is part of the Magic Kingdom theme park. Take a seat into the Beast’s enchanted castle just like from the Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast! What a treat for the Disney movie lover and just anyone who likes themed places. Try something new! Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner while enjoying American and French Casual Food and Drinks. From the Open Faced Bacon and Egg sandwich for Breakfast to the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops for Dinner.  And have your meal in one of the 3 amazing French inspired themed rooms that is right from the movie! The Grand Ballroom, The west wing, and the Castle gallery will make you feel like you’re an extra onset of the famous film. The kids will really love this restaurant and enjoy the Disney Fairy Tale. Make your daughter or the younger girls in the party into the princess she already knows she is with a surprise of a tiara, glass slippers, and princess robes! What a treat for your family.
Coral Reef Restaurant
Located in the Future World part of Epcot theme park. Enjoy an amazing trip underwater while experiencing the dining and entertainment! Have a seat right next to the largest inland saltwater environment ever built with over 4,000 sea creatures, you’re sure to be amazed and glad you went here for lunch or dinner. The restaurant has one panoramic wall to view this awesome underwater paradise. So make a reservation for a front row view of this aquarium and really get into the theme and the excitement. And not only is the theme awesome, if you love seafood, this is the place to go. With seafood favorites from around the world like seared Mahi Mahi and Rainbow Trout. And of course if you aren’t into seafood but you’re coming to this amazing restaurant for the theme and atmosphere, indulge in meals like Marinated Chicken Breast or Grilled New York Strip Steak. And of course of the adults, indulge in special cocktails like the Magical Star Cocktail or the Coral Rita! The kids aren’t the only ones that should have fun this vacation!
Jiko- The Cooking Place
Located in Animal Kingdom Theme park. Take a safari trip to one of the continents with this African themed restaurant with food and wine that will have you thinking you are there! The ambiance of this restaurant is filled with warm red and orange tones that will mimic an African Sunset. How festive. The food is a mixture of African, Indian and Mediterranean. With full of flavor and mouth-watering entrees and appetizers like the Botswana Style Seswaa Beef Short Ribs or the Warm water Lobster tail! And for the wine, take a tour of the regions of Africa with different wines and cheeses. Adults will love this and really enjoy the warm and cozy feeling you get when this fresh and interesting wine hits your lips! There is also a dress code for the restaurant that doesn’t include flip flops and bathing suits, so make sure you dress up from this experience! It’s something to see.
50’s Prime Time Café

Located by the Echo Lake in the Hollywood Studios Theme Park. Take yourself back to the 1950’s with classic American old fashioned comfort food. Show your kids and grandkids what it was really like back then and what your mom made in her kitchen. There are menu items like Aunt Liz’s Golden Friend Chicken or Cousin Ann’s Traditional Meatloaf. And so much more to make you feel like your enjoy the comfort foods of your childhood. For an added bonus, you can sit at the TV Table and enjoy clips on your own television that shows clips from popular 1955 prime time shows. The whole restaurant is themed to this era to look like a 1950’s kitchen complete with vinyl chairs! And don’t forget about the amazing milkshakes and root beer floats for the kids.
So while you are spending your time at the Disney World theme parks it is definitely a must when coming to Orlando Florida on vacation.  But staying in a Disney Theme park hotel might be out of the question with the cost of the parks, entertainment, food and more.  Instead stay in one of our Holiday villas right here in the Disney Area.  A private home with all of the needs from back home! Like a private kitchen to cook your own meals. Staying in your very own home will save you money so you can treat yourself and your family with a nice night out to one of these amazing Disney World restaurants.

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