Kissimmee Fresh Water Fishing

For freshwater fishing enthusiasts, a trip to Kissimmee is definitely a must! Close to the theme parks, close to downtown Orlando, and close to everything. Florint Vacations offers beautiful villa rentals right in the area of Kissimmee. From townhouses to private single family homes, we have it all. Right in the center of the action and all the entertainment. While Kissimmee is great place to go for the attractions and the tourist stuff, there so much more to see. If you like being outdoors and fishing this is great place to explore! With all the scenic views and lakes upon lakes, going fishing is made easy. Even if you’re going for a quick trip or a long day of adventure. There is a lake and a fishing spot for you. And since you are looking into or already booked a Disney Area vacation with Florint Vacations, we are here to help you with booking and help you find the best places to get your fish on!

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes has more than 80,000 acres of fresh water to cast your line into! Local and visiting fisherman will love the different lakes and spots. With the different lakes in this chain, like Lake Kissimmee, Lake Toho, East Lake Toho, Lake Hatchineha and other great bodies of water. Bass inhabit these waters, which makes this chain of lakes the prime spot for the Bass Master Classic which is help right here and draws in fisherman from all over! It’s normal for an average fisherman to catch over 40 or more bass per day and 10 pound fish are almost the everyday fish! How exciting is that for you and your family to come and catch a fish?

Catching trophy sized largemouth bass is a definitely draw to the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, but there is also great speck and shellcracker fishing that is eye catching. The 22,700-acre and 4 mile width, Lake Tohopekaliga which is also known as Lake Toho, is well known for being one of the finest bass-fishing spots anywhere by professional fisherman all the way to the amateurs. During the winter and spring months, expect to have the most successful bass fishing with the live bait, and during the warmer months it is common for anglers to use plastic worms or crankbait.  The record for Lake Toho for woman’s world record for bass fishing is a whopping 14 pound, 5 oz bass! The Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish commission has indicated that there is a bass that weighs over 10 pounds for every 5 acres of lake. That’s a lot of bass. If there is a recorded 22,700 acre of water that means, by calculation there is over 4540 ten or more pound bass fish in this lake alone! WOW!

Another great lake to see on this chain of lakes is Lake Kissimmee, which has a variety of landscape and grassland that provides shelter for huge populations of bass and crappie. Located about 40 miles south of Orlando and 18 miles east of Lake Wales. The lake is a whopping 35,000-acre oasis where anglers coming to compete in the Bass master Classic, Florida Bass Federation Tour and other prestigious tournaments can drop their line. Also, fisherman that aren’t as experienced as those coming for those tournaments can enjoy Lake Kissimmee with all it has to offer. You can often hit the water before sunrise in search of that special bass to hang on our wall and show your pride. And spend time cruising down North Cove and Brahma Island with your live bait and wait to catch an amazing fish that will have you coming back for more! Under good weather conditions, fisherman should be able to enjoy the surroundings of lily pads, cattail and hydrilla beds that surround the shore line.

Several older Florida-style fishing camps can provide the perfect area for an amazing trip to the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, with RV and tent camping facilities for those who don’t want to venture too far from the water. Cabins are available at some of the camps, for those times you want to settle down and enjoy the comforts of home.  At Lake Hatchineha there is over 6500 acress of water which is generally about 8 feet deep. There is RV camping and sites right along this lake just like the one at Camp Mack, which can run you about $36 daily plus tax! Cabin rentals are also available! One bedroom cabins are available for just $109 a night! There are also 2-3 bedroom homes for your large family!  

With not just the camp sites, there are four boat ramps which offers great access to the canals and waterways through the Kissimmee area, making it easy to access the locations where the fishing is very popular and you’ll get more on your line! When strategically using the ramps, fisherman and anglers can fish at different spots across the spacious and various lakes all in one day!

And with there being so many options for the fisherman, it’s easy to see why the Kissimmee area is well known, loved and the best place to enjoy your vacation. There are a bunch of Fishing Charter companies that will put you in the right direction of catching a prize winning fish! We can help you come and discover Kissimmee’s Chain of Lakes and all of what Kissimmee has to offer! Florint Vacations is not only experienced in offering an extensive amount of vacation homes perfect for a getaway, we are local and know all of the great places to go and what companies you should go to for an outdoor fun experience in Kissimmee. Companies like Big Toho Fishing charters, not only help you get on the water in Kissimmee, they also do offshore Charters off Port Canaveral on the Atlantic Ocean which isn’t a far drive from the Disney Area. They also have charters at different lakes and rivers. So even if you’re not staying in Kissimmee the drive to one of these amazing lakes or bodies of water, for a day fishing trip is not out of reach. We at Florint Vacations, also provide rentals in the nearby areas like Davenport, Clermont and Haines City. So when you’re looking to book your next Disney area vacation or just a short vacation to the area, give us a call and any of our amazing representatives can help!