Kennedy Space Center at Port Canaveral

Have you always wanted to be an astronaut and discover space? Not everyone is able to do so, but at the Kennedy Space Center which is located about an hour away from Orlando, you can really see what astronauts go through and maybe even meet one! We at Florint Vacations love this place, you get to experience a flight simulator, watch movies, and learn about NASA! And there is so much more you can experience here with something for every age of the family. So take a drive over to Port Canaveral right near Cocoa Beach. Great for a day trip to take a break from the Disney Theme Parks.
NASA has a 30 year space shuttle program which is shown by a story in the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the attraction. The story has a memorial that honors the astronauts who have risked their lives during space shuttle missions like the Challenger and Columbia. There are over 14 men and women that are honored in these two missions. The memorial called Fallen Friends and Heroes shows personal items from the crew members.
Astronaut Encounter Show
Have you always wanted to meet a real astronaut? Well here you and your family can meet veteran NASA astronauts at the live Astronaut Encounter show. There is a different astronaut everyday with multiple showings daily. You will be able to meet commanders, pilots, specialists, and people who have helped launch, land and lived on the space shuttle and the International Space Center. Hear about stories and really get to interact with these people who have put their life on the lines for the better! There will be a presentation about their experience with their background, training and missions. Have a question for them? Just Ask, there is a questions and answers section to every presentation. So if you are a huge fan of NASA and space in general, this is the place for you. You can even take photos with them!
Space Shuttle Atlantis and Journey to Mars
Space Shuttle Atlantis shows a priceless and historic spacecraft that really tells the story of the 30 year space shuttle program from NASA.  There are presentations and more than 50 interactive exhibits with high tech simulation systems that really show the engineering and ins and outs of the space shuttle and more.  The experience really shows the amazing achievements of the Space Shuttle program especially the construction of the International Space Station and the required maintenance of the Hubble Telescope in Space. The Shuttle Launch Experience lets you sit in a simulated space ship and feel what its like to really go into space. When you step into the ride, you will be strapped into your seat and you will listen to the launch countdown. Your seat will go back vertically and your will hear the commander describe and announce what’s going on next. You will then be sent 17,500 miles per hour in a simulated ride into the beyond. Once you get to where you’re going, you feel a bit of weightlessness and you will fill like you are floating out of our seat. Just like the real astronauts feel when they enter the space shuttle and enter space! Sounds really cool. There is also a celebration of the many people that took part in creating and helping NASAs well known shuttles like the Columbia, Atlantis, Endeavour, Challenger and Discovery. Also shows who these shuttles have helped the next generation of space flight and manned programs.
Another attraction that really helps guests get to know the future of the space shuttle program is the Journey to Mars.  This live presentation gives highlights to what NASA is really working on and what’s about to happen. The presentation shows the Orion Spacecraft which will help astronauts explore places like Mars! There is even an interactive capsule you can step into and see how the Orion crew will live inside for more than 21 days. Could you do it? Throughout the exhibit of Journey to Mars, enjoy the games and simulators that will really help you learn about the future of space travel. You can practice your docking and landing skills, or see what happens when you run into meteoroids!

IMAX Theatre in 3D
The Kennedy space center has almost everything you can think of when you’re thinking about space. Take a seat at one of their very own IMAX 3D Theatres! The screen sits about 5 stories tall and you are provided with the 3D glasses! With two awesome movies, like Journey to Space or Hubble space telescope, sit back and really feel like you can reach out and touch what’s going on. The Journey to Space explores NASA’s plan for deep space with amazing footage, or check out Hubble space telescope which gives you mind blowing look into far away nebulas and galaxies. And what’s even better, the movies are narrated by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio which will make your experience even more special!
Childrens Play Dome

For the younger kids in the group, there is an awesome covered play area which include slides, tunnels, nets, walls to climb, and so much more. Kids can play and make believe they are really in space! Perfect for the future astronauts to pretend like their launching into space, or rock climbing on the moon! The Rocket Garden is a fun splash pad for the kids to run through and cool off!
There is so much to do here at the Kennedy Space Center that just a day is not enough! Not only is this place fun, it really helps to educated you and your family on why it’s important for us to explore and see what else is out there. The Kennedy Space Center really gives kids and youths an educational experience with programs and camps. You can go on field trips and get classroom education.
Oh and don’t forget about the multi floor shops for souvenirs! You can get t-shirts and cups and so much more. Even Space food that the astronauts really eat when they’re in space!
So take some time out from your busy days at the theme parks in Orlando, and head over to the East coast of Florida. Only a short drive from your Florint Vacations villa rental. Give us a call today to ask about our vacation rentals and see what else Orlando has to offer!