Vacation Home Property Management Services


Dear Homeowner,

Please let me take a moment to say we are pleased you are thinking of buying a home for short term property management. Please find below information on our Vacation Home Management package. 

We also extend an invitation to you to visit our office for some great coffee. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to sit and discuss things. We look forward to meeting you.


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Our vacation home rental service is a specialized program for owners who would like Florint to provide reservation, property management and guest services to vacationing guest.
Florint's vast experience in the areas of hospitality sales and marketing allows us to provide maximum occupancies for the vacation homes.
Our program is simple...our homeowners are our business.

  • Our owners receive Net Rental income minus 20% commission per night. We collect all state and tourist taxes from the client and pay it on your behalf, currently the tax is between 11 - 13% depending on the county the home resides in. (The varied rate has been a great benefit to our owners as during the low season it helps us to keep the home rented and in the high season you get the opportunity to make more per night.)
  • We would love for you and your friends to enjoy your vacation home, as often you would like. All you have to do is to inform us and we block your house. Owner stays are unlimited.
  • We have an “open book policy”. Whenever you like to see your statements or other bills, please feel free to stop by the office to see them.
  • Our property management program provides you with many services at one low cost such as Maintenance rates, Pest control fees and Pool / Lawn.
  • Our properties will be professionally cleaned and inspected, upon each departure and maintenance checked every other month.
  • We give a very personal, customer- and homeowner- friendly service and don’t treat you like a number.
  • Online Access is available to all owners via the “OwnerLink” for reservations, statements and online availability calendar.
  • All of our properties must have appropriate licenses and insurance, it will be our pleasure to obtain these licenses and insurance on your behalf.  


In order to setup your vacation home services we will start with the management. Below you will find a list of services we will setup and the required documentation we will need to get started. 

Management Startup Costs Required:
Initial Deposit (Working Capital)
Management Setup Fee  
Florida Dept. of Revenue – (Sales Use Tax Registration)   
State Resort Dwelling License (State License)    
County Business Tax Receipt (County Business License)
Setup Utility Accounts – Water, Electric and Cable etc. 
$ 1,000
$    250
$        5
$    270
$      60
$  varies

Required Documents:
01.    Copy of Passport or United States Driver’s License per owner
02.    Completed, Signed and Dated Limited Power of Attorney
03.    Copy of the ITIN # (Foreign Citizens Only)
04.    Completed, Signed and Dated W-9Form (U.S. Citizens Only)
05.    Completed, Signed and Dated W-8ECI Form (Foreign Citizens Only)
06.    Completed, Signed and Management Agreement
07.    Completed, Signed and Dated Sales Tax Power of Attorney
08.    Copy of Deed or ownership papers (Proof of Ownership)
09.    Copy of Insurance Dwelling page
10.    3 Keys 

Florint Vacations provides a complete line of services to maintain and enhance your property's rental value. Fully licensed professionals perform these services. All service functions are checked before billing approval. 

Following is a list of the property maintenance services we provide and an explanation of each. 

  1. Lawn Service - The complete maintenance of the entire lawn area including the mowing of the grass, trimming, watering and fertilization (fertilizer is charged extra). Your lawn will be monitored so that if any problems, such as excessive weeds, cinch bugs, etc. become evident treatment can be initiated immediately thus avoiding more costly damage later. Lawn service is performed weekly during the growing season and less frequently during the dormant season, but no less than twice per month. This service is billed on 12 equal monthly payments. 
  2. Pool Service - The complete cleaning of the pool and pool deck, pool traps, and pump traps and pump filters. In addition, the water is chlorinated and pH balanced. The service includes all chemicals. It is performed weekly, 52 weeks a year and billed on a monthly basis. 
  3. Pest Control - The chemical treatment of the interior of the home for the elimination of all types of insects. This is a normal and a recommended service for all Florida homes. Homes are treated every month. The service is billed based on 12 equal monthly payments. They come out 24 hours – whenever needed at no extra charge.
  4. House Cleaning Service -The complete cleaning of the home linens, towels, bedcovers and dishes following the checkout of a renter. An inventory is performed at this time checking for damages and if necessary, the renters damage deposit is charged. This procedure is essential to preserving the home and furnishings and the financial protection of the management company as well as the homeowner. If a reservation is under 5 nights the client pays for the cleaning. House cleaning service is billed on each monthly statement and of course only when utilized. 
  5. Maintenance - scuff marks on the wall, small spots in the carpet, minor damage to dishes, etc. are considered "normal wear and tear". However, occasionally there is a need for major maintenance. We have utilized a bi-monthly maintenance check, which helps us to find problems before they get out of hand. We check sprinkler, pool pump, air conditioning, appliances, house structure, lawn, carpet and overall general maintenance upkeep. 
  6. Bill Payer Service - The homeowner will in most cases open an account in a local bank for such purposes as direct payment of their mortgage and insurances, the homeowner may wish to arrange for direct payment of their utility services each month. However, be aware that some utility companies do impose additional deposit requirement if a history of late payments is established. As part of our management services program, we pay the utility bills for your property on a monthly basis. 
  7. Financial Services - Each month an accounting statement is sent to you showing deposits and withdrawals, i.e. income and expense. This is used at year-end to provide you and your accountant with an accurate record of your operating expense. This is a client trust and, by Florida Law, has to be maintained in a credit balance. We cannot use the funds in this account for anything other than your expenses. 
  8. Insurance - All owners of rental properties must have a current homeowners' insurance policy in effect and a copy of the policy is to be kept on file in our offices. It is recommended that one million dollars of liability coverage be purchased along with the standard homeowners' policy. The costs depend on the size of the home, location and type of construction. 
  9. Reservations - A reservation update is sent to you each month. This will show all current and future reservations, enabling you to cross check with your income statement, guest name, reservation number, departure, cleaning fee etc. 
  10. Owner Bookings - Owners stays are unlimited, you can book your reservation by email or yourself through the OwnerLink portal. There is a $25 owner booking fee and a departure clean fee per reservation. We will provide guest services to all your guest just as we do our own. 
  11. Owners can have access to the 24/7 by logging in to his owner page, where they will be able to see all current and future reservations, view and print statement, book owner and owner guest reservations and view an availability calendar for your property.

Properties that are intended to participate in a short-term (rental) program must be properly licensed with the Department of Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurants, a Florida State Agency. The annual fee is $175 for single-family residences. In addition, the State of Florida will inspect each rental home before issuing a license. 

The inspection will require that each home have the following: 

  1. A "2A40BC" fire extinguisher (approximately cost $85.00). 
  2. Additional smoke alarm for the hearing impaired. 
  3. Carbon monoxide detector if the home has any gas appliances.
  4. All exterior doors, including the glass sliding doors, will need a double locking system. 
  5. All homes must have smoke alarms in all the sleeping areas, i.e. bedrooms and living areas, and they must be interconnected. If already built, we will inspect your home to make sure you are in compliance. Additionally emergency lights are required. We always ensure that the home complies with the law. 

In addition to the property taxes that every homeowner has to pay, a tax based on the gross rents received must be collected for any rentals of 180 days or less. This tax is made up of: 
1.      A 4-6% Tourist Development Tax depending on the county.
2.      A 7% State of Florida Sales Tax 
Total: 13% of rentals. We collect these taxes from all the rental income we collect from guest and submit them to the appropriate agencies on a monthly basis in compliance with the law. We also have all the appropriate forms on hand and will ensure that you are properly registered. 
Florint Vacations collects and pays all Sales Resort Tax on the rental income it generates for your property. It is the responsibility of the owner with owner bookings to declare the Tourist Development Tax and Sales Tax to the appropriate agencies. We offer the service to declare owner bookings income for an additional fee. It is also the responsibility of the owner to declare income taxes of the rental income achieved.

Each property owner will receive an accounting of all revenues received and all expenditures relating to their rental property on a monthly basis in accordance with the Property Management Agreement (service charges, utilities, management fees and any miscellaneous charges) Monies due to homeowners will be deposited to their bank account as per prior arrangement. If for any reason there were moneys due to us, these would be due at this time. These monthly statements obviously become an important record for your year-end tax purposes; however, we will supply a year-end accounting statement recapping all activity for the current year. 

Remember if you have additional questions, you can always reach us at the following numbers:

8390 Champions Gate Blvd #100
Champions Gate, FL 33896
877-486-8226 Office Toll Free                  
321-319-0802 Office Telephone
or email to: [email protected]