Wonder Works on International Drive

Orlando is known for attractions like Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios. Located right on the popular International Drive in Orlando Florida there is an array of restaurants, shopping, hotel accommodations, and the attractions! Popular places to go include restaurants like Bahama Breeze or Dave and Busters! Sea world is even located on the long strip of road! This is a prime spot for some fun and entertainment and another great and exciting attraction is Wonde Works! An interactive, educational and entertaining attraction made for all the members of the family. With over 100 exhibits that will not only keep your children interested, it will keep the adults entertained as well.  What is fun about the building itself, its upside down! Yes, the building was built upside down. So the roof is on the floor and the floor is on the roof.  So when you walk into the building, you might want to hld on as they pathway into the building makes you feel like they are turning the building up right! Wonderworks is right in the middle of all this, as well gives you some education on the earth and the way things work. There are over 35,000 square feet of attraction here with over 100 exhibits that are very hands on for all ages that challenge the mind and make you use your imagination. Here are some of things you can experience at Wonder Works called the Wonder Zones.

Natural Disasters at Wonderworks International Drive Orlando

Tesla Coil is an interactive exhibit where you become a human lightning rod by placing your hand through a mesh steel glove while 100,000 volts of electricity shoots to your hand without being hurt! Or visit the Earthquake café ride which lets your experience an earthquake which goes beyond a 5.3 on the Richter scale! Just like the one that really hit San Francisco in 1989. This earthquake really happened and even interrupted the World Series that year between the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants! Wow! Well here in Florida we are used to Hurricanes and a lot of wind! Not earthquakes! But if you’re not from Florida you might not experience a hurricane before. Well here at Wonder Works you can experience up to 155 mile hour winds of a hurricane without being in danger! So hold on and enjoy the Hurricane Shack! For more interactive activities you can join in and try to withstand the cold of the icy water of the North Atlantic Ocean. The same water that had the famous Titanic ship sail on and then collided into an iceberg!  After the iceberg hit, the surviving passengers had to tread the cold water and survive! How long can you hold your hand in the icy water?
For less of an interactive experience on Natural disasters, take your time and view the virtual globe and map of Google Earth! This gives you the opportunity to locate and travel anywhere in the world and explore! Take a look at different countries with satellite imagery, 3D buildings and structures and so much more! Sounds like a fun and educational experience for any age!

Imagination Lab and Far out Gallery

This wonder zone is about being colorful and making you use your brain to get creative! There is a giant Lite- Brite to create masterful and beautiful works of arts. Create your own design like your favorite animal, flowers, or even a fast car. Kids of all ages will love this. Or for the much younger kids, they can try the Fun Express. The Fun Express lets kids choose from a digital painting canvas, play some games that include educational ones with addition and subtraction problems. Great for your kids to have fun but learn something at the same time. In the Far Out gallery there is just walls of paintings that cover the walls from floor to ceiling with hidden objects that you have to find! Makes you use your head and lets you have fun. Upcoming to Wonder Works in the Far Out Gallery is the Forensic Science Exhibit. This exhibit will allow guests to experience the fingerprint identification, 3D facial recognition and imaging. Very cool for those who are interested in shows like CSI or other crime investigation shows.

Space Discovery

This part of Wonderworks is for the guests to experience what it’s like to be in space and what our astronauts go through! You can explore a life sized replica of the suits really worn by astronauts. The suits provide a supply of oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide to keep the astronaut’s alive while in space. They provide mobility, temperature regulations and so much more. Experience Project Mercury which was the first human spaceflight program in the United States which was led by NASA or go through some astronaut training with a 2 person gyroscope that spins and rotates in different directions!
There’s even a roller coaster called Wonder coaster that lets you the rider design your own coaster! You can construct your dream coaster with 360 rotations and roll motion. Or if you prefer not to flip you can explore the ocean in a virtual submarine for an aquatic adventure!

Light and Sound Zone

Did you know that light moves at 299,792,458 meters per second?  Yup I didn’t either! At the Speed of light exhibit, test your speed and reflexes and press the buttons as they light up on a matrix which you try to beat the clock! Sounds pretty cool. There’s a few exhibits in this section of the Wonder zones that lets you take a picture and show you what your shadow really looks like. Pretty awesome for an experience if you’re interested in lighting and how it works with pictures. For extra fun with sound, try the King of Instruments which is a large and interactive keyboard you can stand on and dance to music and play with your feet!
There’s a lot more you can do here at Wonder Works, from physical to mental activities! A great physical activity is the Orlando Ropes course. Which is completely indoor and glow in the dark! With 3 stories go up to 36 feet while exploring 20 different obstacles while crossing suspension bridges, beams, lily pads and so much more! Or have a seat and enjoy a 3D film with special effects and full motion seats! Or even a 4D XD motion theater experience that will have you virtually traveling through action and adventures!

 On a rainy day, the parks like Disney World or Sea world might not be fun for the younger kids and even the adults. But at Wonder Works everything is inside so you can have a blast without having to worry about the weather outside. Play some laser tag and watch an out of control magic show that will have you thinking you’re a kid again!

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